Back Workout At home without dumbbells


Back Workout At home, Tarun, letztrend

“Back” is the muscle that gives you an appealing posterior look. However, this is the largest muscle in the upper region of the body. Also, you should keep this muscle strong cause it can help in a lot of ways. This muscle is responsible for most of the work in our daily life such as picking up something heavy from the ground, pulling something towards you, etc. This is the main reason it is known as the pulling muscle. So, here we have back workout at home.

There’s a lot to talk about this muscle but first, let’s study this muscle a little more which helps us hit that in an effective way.


Back Workout At home, Tarun, letztrend

Back obviously with this word we have a wider muscle in our mind with a clear cut definition. However, you can also get that by doing just at home workouts but first, let’s study the muscle a little further.


As we can see above this muscle group can be separated into:

  • Trapezius (known as Traps)
  • Levator Scapulae
  • Rhomboid minor
  • Rhomboid major
  • Lattismus dorsi (known as lats)
  • Serratus posterior inferior

Well, getting a picture in mind I think we can train the muscle in a better way so let’s look at the exercises that hit the back muscle.

Exercises For Back

Since the back is the pulling muscle. Therefore, the exercises we discuss involves pulling or mimics the act of pulling. So, let’s look at the exercises.

  • Lying lat pull down with a towel (Towel pulls)

Back Workout At home, Tarun, letztrend

You can perform this exercise by having a towel instead of this band that also gives the same effect but make sure to take the right side of the towel and stretch it slightly wider than shoulder-width.


  • Pilates Swimming

Tarun, letztrend

You just have to mimic the act of swimming in that way you can train your lower back along with your traps at home. (Imp. Keep your back a little arched but not too much)

  • The Bridge Pose

Tarun, letztrend

Lying on the floor, twist your knees on the floor. Next, sucking in your stomach, lift your pelvis, and buttocks as high as conceivable as you attempt and snatch the back of your feet your hands.

  • Superman

Tarun, letztrend

Well, this one exercise makes you feel like you are flying like superman. I am sure the real superman would also do that to keep his strength game on point. However, keep in mind to not arch your back too much as it put massive stress on the lower back.

Workout for Back

Now after looking at all of these exercises let me introduce you to the workout circuits one can follow based on the fitness level. However, if you feel that your fitness level is advance after trying the whole circuit then you can increase the reps and duration by 5 reps, 30 sec respectively.

Circuit #1 for Beginners

Perform these exercises without any rest and do 3 sets of the circuit.

  • Towel pulls – 15 – 20 Reps
  • Pilates swimming – for 30 sec
  • The Bridge Pose – for 30 sec
  • Superman – for 30 sec

Circuit # 2 for Intermediate

Perform these exercises without any rest and do 3-4 sets of the circuit.

  • Towel pulls – 25 – 30 Reps
  • Pilates swimming – for 60 sec
  • The Bridge Pose – for 60 sec
  • Superman – for 60 sec

Circuit # 3 for experts

Perform these exercises without any rest and do 4-5 sets of the circuit.

  • Towel pulls – 35 – 40 Reps
  • Pilates swimming – for 90 sec
  • The Bridge Pose – for 90 sec
  • Superman – for 90 sec

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