Best jeans for body type female – Top style and fashion tips


One’s dream wish is to have a perfect closet containing each and every essential stuff needed, starting from the basic things to the coolest ones. While going in and out, jeans are the most common things one must have, because they are the one that fits with most of the tops and uppers and also enhances your personality. Women generally get confused about which type of jeans to wear at what place or in which situation. So, we here bring you a wide variety of Women’s Wardrobe Essential types of jeans which you must add up in your closet, so as in order to make it the best. Here we go!


Type 1: Straight

Best jeans for body type female - Top style and fashion tips, Tarun, letztrend

The first type is the STRAIGHT one. It’s the most common, comfortable jeans which every girl adores. These jeans suit best with a plain t-shirt and tops. You can wear this with shoes, bellies as well as heels, prefer mainly with shoes. Like in any situation you can wear this, at home or while going out.



Type 2: Slim

Best jeans for body type female - Top style and fashion tips, Tarun, letztrend

Next comes the SLIM type of jeans. It’s relaxed fit jeans. It mainly gives you a slim fit look. You can wear this with a t-shirt or shirt or even Kurtis. While wearing a t-shirt or the shirt try wearing shoes and while wearing Kurtis wear heals or bellies.


Type 3: Skinny

Best jeans for body type female - Top style and fashion tips, Tarun, letztrend

After the slim comes up the SKINNY. Skinny jeans are stretchable and they reveal up to your figure. It provides proper shape, so one must try to better look. Try casual tops with skinny jeans and heels, also you can try loose fit t-shirt and shoes.



Type 4: Boyfriend

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Next in the row is BOYFRIEND jeans. It’s one of the most coolest and fascinating jeans. It’s ripped along with short length. It gives you the best dope look. Try these amazing pants with crop tops or funky t-shirt and shoes. Or you can try casual funky tops along with matching heels.


Type 5: Loose

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Bored of the fit stuff? Here comes the LOOSE one. It’s easiest to go with jeans. While going out or even staying up at home with a plain t-shirt you can wear this. It gives you a funk look. Shoes or heels according to the upper you wear will enhance your looks and personality with these jeans.


Type 6: Flared

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Going down in the row next is FLARED jeans. It’s a bit skinny or fit (you can say) from the top, and loose down the bottom. It more formal or going-out stuff. You can wear this with or boots while you wear a casual top or shirt at the top. Also, you can wear a funky t-shirt and shoes for creating a funky look.


Type 7: Bootcut

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Next comes up the BOOTCUT. It’s wide from the lower bottom part. Again it’s a few formal types, or while going with friends or at parties you can wear this. This must be a part of your closet along with the listed above ones. Try it mainly with boots or heels.


Type 8: Wide

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Want a funky look along with comfort? So here comes up the WIDE jeans. It’s loose from the top and much more widely from the bottom. This type is easy to go with jeans. You can wear this where ever you wish. Just is depends upon how you wish to create your look.



Type 9: Distressed

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Next in the row comes up the DISTRESSED. Or in an easy way, you can say ripped skinny jeans. This type of jeans is trending nowadays, as most girls want a funky look. Casual tops, t-shirt, shirts, crop tops suit best with it. Some girls also try it with short Kurtis. It just looks best.


Type 10: Knee cut (Ripped)

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Last but not least comes up the RIPPED ( Knee Cut). Knee cut jeans match the trending fashion. It gives you a whole different look. Be it casual tops or the crop one, or at bottom be it shoes or heels or boots they match best with everything.

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