Short hair goals – Female hairstyles 2020

Mostly girls want those hairs which have low maintenance, as well as that, are easy to manage. Such conditions best suit with Short Hairs. While going with shorter length hairs, they are easy-to-go for most girls out there, as they are able to avoid the tangles, skin irritations, keep them away from the face also have an easy movement. Some of the popular short hair cuts are bobs, pixies, Chanel, shags.

What if you have a busy morning? Obviously, at that moment you will want such a hairstyle that’s easy to manage. You just wash them, style and it’s just done. Also, you need not worry about how’s your hair is. You will find a perfect cut for your hair, which will surely suit you. Some of the popular hair cuts are given below, which you must try. Here we go!


1. Pixie

Short hair goals - Female hairstyles 2020, Tarun, letztrend

The most popular and best haircut for girls is a pixie. This cut has options with style. You can design this in your own way. Without having the feeling of heavy product in your hairs, you have the correct amount of volume of your hairs. This will give you a face-framing look, and surely you gonna receive compliments. If you love short hair, you must try this one.

2. Long Bob

Short hair goals - Female hairstyles 2020, Tarun, letztrend

This one is a Bob cut near the shoulders. Mostly referred to as the lob, it has the quality of flattering most face shapes and hair types. Among the Bob cut styles, this one is the most popular. Within this cut, you get a wide range of styles like curls, cuts( symmetric as well as asymmetric), deep parts, waves, and many more.

3. Short Bob

Short hair goals - Female hairstyles 2020, Tarun, letztrend

This Bob cut differs from the long one, as it’s a cut between the ears and above the shoulders. Be it the angled, inverted, symmetrical, asymmetrical, graduated there are many ways of cutting a short Bob hairstyle. Go with your choice. Surely you gonna look cute as attractive with this cut.

4. Chanel


Tarun, letztrend

Ok, so the next one is Chanel haircut. Let’s technically define it. It’s a chin-length style. You can change its shape according to your wish. It gives you an ultra seek appearance with fierce and an edgy shape. It would be liked by you, also would be appreciated by public mass and you would get likes upon it. Its one of the most attractive haircuts, one must try this.

5. Micro Bob

Tarun, letztrend

It is the latest and the greatest incarnation of Bob hairstyle. It gives a more classic finish, with sharp lines and blunt edges. With this hairstyle, select a perfectly suiting hair color ( of softer tones ), and then you are ready to rock.

6. Chanel Repicado

Tarun, letztrend

So this one is an up-gradation in terms of length, of the Chanel haircut. This has a chin shaped cut, but the hair length varies between your chin and your shoulders. It gives you easy to go as well as a funky look. You can style it in your own way like curly, wavy, straight.

7. Shag

Tarun, letztrend

This haircut has been layered to various lengths. A barber named Paul McGregor invented this hairstyle. At the top and the sides of your hair, you get a feathered feature. Your hair will get fringes around the edges giving you a dope look.

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