Step by step guide to tie knot with perfect length and width

A Gentleman’s most important accessory: TIE

Step by step guide to tie knot with perfect length and width, Tarun, letztrend


Significance of Tie:

A good tie just adds to your personality and attitude and never get’s out of fashion. It itself defines a class. When you wear a tie, you mean it just. It depicts the beginning of THE GAME. Adorable dressing with a proper tie you become ready to conquer your day, the day which is meant to be just yours. You look magnificent. The tie is not very functional but yes it just flourishes your looks and personality. But yes according to the mood, location, time you need to choose a perfect tie for yourself. And that tie should also be of perfect width, perfect height, otherwise, it will look awkward. For a Perfect knot, with perfect style as well as style read up this blog. The step by step guide to the tie, surely it gonna help you. Here we go!!



How to tie it?

Step by step guide to tie knot with perfect length and width, Tarun, letztrend

The most repeatedly asked question is, how to tie a perfect knot for the tie? It’s according to your wish which knot you would go for. Like St. Andrew knot, or four in hand knot, or Pratt knot, or a student knot, or Windsor knot. But you don’t need to panic much upon the knots. Just go for the simple and the easiest ones like four in hand or oriental or the Windsor knots. They are quite easy and give proper shape to the knot.


Step by step guide to tie knot with perfect length and width, Tarun, letztrend

Easy steps to tie a perfect knot:

  1. Place the widest part on the right, for around 20-30cm down the narrow one according to your height.\
  2. Then cross it over the narrow side and make it horizontal.
  3. Again overlap it over the narrow side.
  4. Pull the wide part through the loop that has been created.
  5. Then pull it down again through the small loop portion created in step 3.
  6. Now pull it properly download and adjust the length and give proper shape to the knot.

It’s Perfect length and width:

Tarun, letztrend

Even if the knot is right, the length is the main thing. It looks very bad if the tie is of short length or of very long length. Everyone is having a different height, but mark your belt as your deadline like here just the tie must end just over it, not above or below it. Also, width is an important concern. Like you must have seen some people with a broad tie or very small width tie, obviously, it looks awkward. According to the style or the pattern of the tie, it’s width must be between 5-8cms and not less or above this limit. With perfect knot, length, and width you are ready to win the game.

Picking up the perfect one:


Tarun, letztrend

Plain colorful ties themselves define a proper class. Starting from the business meetings or the social gatherings, the class of the plain tie never fades away. A plain suit with a plain tie and shirt is just perfect within itself.




Tarun, letztrend

The striped one defines the elegance of one. It depicts a dope personality of a person. Choosing a perfect striped tie can be difficult, but choose a contrast color and that would work well.




Tarun, letztrend

Now we come on the knitted ones. They have proper texture and pattern They are more like the casual one’s. Everyone wants to look decent without being much formal. They serve just best in between being too formal and being too casual.




Tarun, letztrend

Enhancing your dope personality choose a printed tie. While going to parties or get together it’s the perfect match. It just adds much to your personality and looks.



Some Relevant Key Points:

While wearing a tie some points must be kept in mind. They are as follows:
1. Always wear a collared shirt while wearing a tie, also it must be perfectly tucked in.
2. Choose the color and pattern of the tie according to the season, suit, situation.
3. Along with the proper knot, manage the length and the width.
4. Don’t wear a loose tie or knot.
5. Contrast your tie and pocket squares, also use a tie bar with the tie for a good formal look.

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