Summer trendy outfits

Summer trendy outfits

Summer trends

Want to look classy? This summer trend tries something unique. Let’s try this summer trendy outfits with the white color. As we all know, white is forever color. As white epitomizes peace and purity hence white outfits are widely appreciated all over the world.

Significance of white

IT FORMS a dichotomy with innocence on one side and sterility on the other, it means everything and nothing at the same time. White is, literally speaking the absence of all color. Or rather, it is the “color” produced by reflecting almost all kinds of light found in the visible spectrum. This is why white clothing is considered cooler than other colors on a hot summer day; since it reflects back sunlight (and heat) rather than absorbing it; as black does.

White signifies purity, honesty, truth, peace, and silence. Maa Saraswati, the goddess of knowledge is dressed in a white sari signifying knowledge and wisdom. White is also worn during death ceremonies as it signifies peace and complete sanity. White is also auspicious in the sense that it is a combination of all colors signifying that all other things (colors) ultimately merge to white. The ultimate purity, sanity, and completeness.


Trendy outfits

1) Crop White with Denim Shorts

Summer trendy outfits, Tarun, letztrend

This look is simple and comfortable. It’s easy to wear and no many accessories are required with this look.  One can style this look in their own way, like wearing a bomber jacket with it, with black boots or white sneakers, or just wearing a denim jacket over which gives a dope all denim look. Sunglasses gonna enhance your personality and hairs tied up in a ponytail or a messy bun can add up to your personality.


2) Whitetop with black shots

Summer trendy outfits, Tarun, letztrend

So this is another outfit of the white upper with black shorts. White and black together gives a dope and deadly combination. Also you a style this look in your own uniques way by adding a bit accessories to it. Flats, or black sneakers/ boots gonna suit best with this look. Also, you can wear a black crop denim jacket or white bomber jacket with this.


3) Whitetop with denim or printed or a plain skirt

Summer trendy outfits, Tarun, letztrend


The skirt adds up more to your personality. Printed, denim, or plain skirts suit best with the white upper. It gives you a bit formal and classy look whereas ripped denim shorts give you more of a funky look. You can add up different footwears more with this look, like with the denim ones you can add white sneakers, and with the plain or printed skirt, you can wear heels. Also, any colored skirt with a white Tshirt and adding a bit of accessory transform your outlook.


4) White t-shirt and denim jeans

Summer trendy outfits, Tarun, letztrend

It’s one of the most simple, dope, and comfortable outfits. Be it the white t-shirt or shirt, be it white sneakers, or boots or heels every combination gives you dope and the perfect look. Be it going to a party or with friends you can style this combination in your own way. If you wish you can add a denim jacket over it or a black jacket or just simply it looks good.


5) Whitetop with black jeans

Tarun, letztrend

So, here we go again. A black and white deadly combination. They both suit together just like they are made for each other. It gives you the best classy look. You can add a bit to it, like wearing a colored jacket and black shoes for a funk look and boots. Also, you can try the all-over black look, i.e., black jacket, white t-shirt, black jeans, and black shoes(a simple and a classy look).


6) The full white look

Tarun, letztrend

It’s one of the best classy looks. It adds on more on the personality and enhances your look. With a white top you can try white lower and heels and additionally black bag with this combo makes this look stand out. Also, you can try a white T-shirt with white pants or jeans and white sneakers and carry along a bright dark color bag for making that look just perfect.


7) White t-shirt or shirt with color or printed pants

Tarun, letztrend

While talking about the different outfits with white tops how one can forget to add colored or printed pants with white tops. The deadliest combination ever. A white shirt with printed fitted pants, heels and a bag gives you a bit formal look whereas on the other side white t-shirt with loose colored pants and white sneakers gives a funky look. Don’t miss to try that too.


8) White t-shirt and sweat pants

Tarun, letztrend

If you prefer more comfy outlooks you must definitely try this. It gives you a funky look also the most comfortable outfit. Not only you can wear this while going out, but also at home or while going to the gym. No need to add many things with it because simple is just perfect.


9) White Kurtis and black slacks/jeggings/jeans/palazzo

Tarun, letztend

This outfit never gets out-fashion. You can try it where ever you go. Its loose-fitting makes you feel comfortable and enhances you by looking good. You can try white Kurti with jeans, slacks, jeggings, palazzos of dark color. Also for making this combination dope you can choose black lower with white Kurti.

10) T-shirt dress

Tarun, letztrend

It’s the simplest one in this summertime to wear. It’s soo easy to throw on and gonna give you a cute look. You can wear this by putting a denim jacket on top and white sneakers as footwear. It keeps it really clean and casual along with keeping you on-trend. Or also you can keep it simple by wearing black sneakers and bands on the waist, also don’t forget to wear sunglasses for the dope look.

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